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I saw a terrible car crash, bodies piling up. Stumbling one by one they found their bed on the ground. Now the servants came to take them away, whisk them away to that sacred place. The servants didn't know that this would be the undoing of their lives.
-I had an autopsy daydream (we live, then die)-
The corpses rushed to the morgue, laid on the slabs for a minute of peace. The bodies began to stir and reached for all the scalpels. The servants now began to scream as the patients sawed through their arteries. Ripping out eyes and smashing teeth, the dead began to dream.
Don't let them out! They'll kill us all!


from Don't Tell Mom That Everybody's Dead, released June 14, 2017




The Transylvania Troubadours Columbus, Ohio

100% High Octane Coffin Rock!

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