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What's in the woods?
Something's lurking beyond the trees, causing the humans to panic and flee. Filthy beast, or native deity? Strength of a Mack truck, patience of a saint. What can it be (the protector of the forest). Where can it be (hiding, never revealing). What can it be (a man-like ape). Where can it be (in your rear view mirror).
-Is it a man? Is it a beast? Does it exist or haunt your dreams?-
If the creature gets ahold of you you can be certain that death is close by. Ripping out intestines, snapping every bone. You can be sure he hates trespassers. No knife too sharp, no gun too large. You'll never know where he hides, creeping along river banks, hiding behind every tree.
He smells your fears. He knows your weakness.


from Don't Tell Mom That Everybody's Dead, released June 14, 2017




The Transylvania Troubadours Columbus, Ohio

100% High Octane Coffin Rock!

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