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This isn't a fashion scene, this is a cemetery scene. We rock the graveyard stomp-stomp-stomp. The monsters have aligned, and we're ready to die. I hope you join us, I know you will.
-We want your blood, we want your bones, we want your flesh for our feast tonight. I've sent them out to hunt your children, I've told them all to go forth and kill.-
Slaughter-fest in the pumpkin patch, Murders in the Rue Morgue. We smell your fear in the dead of night. We're going to eat your guts, we're gonna drink your blood, we're gonna rob some graves...we're gonna party!
Live! From the catacombs! It's your death-in vivid red!


from Don't Tell Mom That Everybody's Dead, released June 14, 2017




The Transylvania Troubadours Columbus, Ohio

100% High Octane Coffin Rock!

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