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Can't afford a dinner date this year, and the kids are getting on our nerves, so I think I've found a solution. When it's late at night and they're all tucked in, we'll grab our knives and forks and dig right in. Our little babies taste so well.
-This is a cannibal date night, and the kiddies aren't alright. Don't look in the basement if you dont want to see what you should never be.-
We can keep their teeth in a mason jar, and set it next to the stuffed animals, that way we can always remember the best meal we've ever had. And if the cops discover our little crime, surely we'll do hard time. But we can cross that bridge when we get to it, darling.
I'm hungry.


from Don't Tell Mom That Everybody's Dead, released June 14, 2017




The Transylvania Troubadours Columbus, Ohio

100% High Octane Coffin Rock!

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